When you need your property to look it’s best…make it Premier!

Whether you are looking to create a new look for your grounds, or to restore the one you currently have, our services will achieve a look that will impress. We value knowing that prior to entering your building or home, your landscape is the first point of eye contact that will shine for your property. Trust Premier Grounds with your landscaping and maintenance and call us now for a consultation.


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Concrete & Interlock Power Washing

Restore your siding, deck, and driveway. Our power washing service is done without the use of harsh chemicals. 

Interlock Stone Sealing

Renew your stone way with a fresh coated of sealant and protect it with our premium product.

Landscape Design & Installation

We enjoy looking at your space and designing the best quote for you. Trust in us for a design that’s perfect for your needs.

Bobcat & Excavation

When have the equipment needed to get the job done. Don;t worry about how, just remember the who! Call us for your digging and excavations needs.

Complete Lawn Care

Mowing, Edging and Clipping is the start to beautiful lawn care. Then making sure the overall integrity and health of your lawn is just as important. We got you covered.

Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Don’t start or leave your seasons on the wrong foot. Let us tidy that  property so that we have a clean slate going forward!

Tree & Shrub Pruning/Trimming

‘Trees and shrubs need tender loving care. It’s easy to over trim or poorly prune. Let the pros take care of that for you and getting your plants in mint form.

Top Dressing Application

Applying top dressing is key to the health of your lawn. Doing it correctly is crucial. We will apply the dressing as needed and continue the health of your grass leaves for beautiful appearance.

Seeding & Sodding

Seeding whole areas or repairing patches of you lawn. We supply the sod as well for spaces where pieces need to be laid. Get your lawn looked by us for a professional choice and beautiful finish.


Adding mulch to your plant beds gives your property that beautiful finishing touch. Several colours and options available. 

Plant Bed Maintenance

Weeding and Edging your beds will give them the look it needs to say that you care. Unkept beds can be an eye sore. We service beds so they look well kept and beautiful.

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Let Us Design Your Property Today!

When done correctly, the design of your landscape can redefine the look of your home or business. The wrong design can make your property look over bearing or unkept. Please call us for a design that will fit your space and optimize its appearance and impress all who view it. It's our pleasure to complete your project with total satisfaction.