Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

To start the season off with a bang and get your property in shape, we like to do a thorough once over of your property. We rake compacted beds, remove debris that may have built up over the winter, power blow and hand rake so April showers can get the May flowers popping.

A cleanup includes:
Cutting back of perennials (prune off dead foliage)
Blow leaves and debris from landscaping
Mow lawn
Bag and haul away all organic matter
Bush / Shrub Trimming
Tree Trimming
Fertilizer / Crabgrass Pre-emergent
Leaf Cleanup

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When done correctly, the design of your landscape can redefine the look of your home or business. The wrong design can make your property look over bearing or unkept. Please call us for a design that will fit your space and optimize its appearance and impress all who view it. It's our pleasure to complete your project with total satisfaction.