Concrete & Interlock Power Washing

Premier Grounds Inc. takes pride in offering exterior property cleaning with our Power Washing Services. Concrete and Interlocking stones look their best with the removal of grime and dirt which can highly change the look and colour of your surface. We carefully protect the surrounding and your surface, ensuring that the best outcome from your wash is executed. Our professional sprayers are optimized for your surface where sealant and sanding are safe.

There is no comparison to a home model sprayer to our industrial ones. You can trust that your stone or concrete will look  just like new again!

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When done correctly, the design of your landscape can redefine the look of your home or business. The wrong design can make your property look over bearing or unkept. Please call us for a design that will fit your space and optimize its appearance and impress all who view it. It's our pleasure to complete your project with total satisfaction.