Seeding & Sodding

Deciding on get your lawn back up to top notch shape can be done in two ways; Seeding and/or Sodding.

Sodding is a great way to give your whole space the facelift it needs by allowing us to remove the current lawn, resurfacing the soil and grading the property for optimal performance, and finally laying new sod that will quickly give you a great new lawn. 

Seeding is a great technique as well where sodding may not be needed, or the repair area is small enough to just give the patch a little bit of new love. 

Speak to our representaive and get our assesment on what may be best for your area. We are ready to service your property!

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When done correctly, the design of your landscape can redefine the look of your home or business. The wrong design can make your property look over bearing or unkept. Please call us for a design that will fit your space and optimize its appearance and impress all who view it. It's our pleasure to complete your project with total satisfaction.